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Safety And Energy Efficiency In One

Our Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting provides worry-free lighting in outdoor environments where energy conservation and/or safety is a concern.

Solar Outdoor Lighting At A Glance

  • Guaranteed Light During Emergency Power Outages
  • High Efficiency LEDs Provide up to 810 Lumens
  • Concealed Solar Panel Design
  • Pole, Post, and Wall-Mounted Options Available
  • Quick and Easy to Install or Retrofit Existing Light Pole

How It Works

Light output provides up to 810 Lumens at full brightness, and 120-270 Lumens in ambient mode. A passive infrared motion sensor detects motion at ground level up to 20 feet away, increases light output upon approach, and dims light down to ambient mode when the surrounding area is vacant.

Energy storage and backup using high efficiency lithium-ion battery pack means you’ll never pay the utility for power with this solar powered outdoor lighting solution.

Our solar outdoor lighting models are easily installed onto new light poles or retrofitted onto existing poles. The light pole is connected by flange to an underground helical screw which unobtrusively secures the entire solar light fixture into place.

Product Features

  • 810 Lumens at full brightness
  • 120-270 Lumens in ambient mode
  • Passive infrared motion sensor
  • Automatically adjusts brightness with movement
  • High efficiency lithium-ion battery pack
  • Vandal resistant weatherproof housing
  • 120-degree viewing angle

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