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A Solar Wise USA Install Is Making Headlines This Week

Homeowner Turns To Solar Power In Valdosta

12 May 2015

A recent Solar Wise USA installation is making news in Valdosta, Georgia.

Rev. George Bennett selected Solar Wise USA to design and install a system using 20 solar panels for his home in South Georgia.


Solar Power Essential For Strength, Longevity Of America

“Since I’m a minister, I believe that the universe we are living in was created by the God of my understanding and getting that direct energy source from the sun is a part of God’s plan. We are now able to directly access God’s energy source, the sun. I believe that it’s essential for the strength and longevity of our country,” said Bennett, who is a minister of the First Christian Church of Valdosta.

Bennett is part of a growing trend of homeowners in Georgia who have turned to solar power as prices have steadily decreased over recent years. According to the Solar Wise Industries Association, residential solar costs have dropped by 45% since 2010, and Georgia is one of the fastest-growing solar markets in the nation.


Click here to read the full article on this Solar Wise USA installation which was published by The Valdosta Daily Times.

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